Using Zoom today for Tokyo MKP meeting

Today, men in our circle have decided that the wisest course of action is to meet online via Zoom. The WHO declaration of pandemic issued on March 11, the rapidly changing landscape of major events and gatherings being postponed or canceled, and engagement with local authorities and medical experts are some of the factors that inform this decision.

Room Cost

As of September 2019, we have moved into a new location about 5 minutes from Shinjuku station south exit. Last night we had a productive meeting regarding building a future for men’s work in Tokyo, starting with funding(¹) for our room. (¹) Currently we are not covering the cost of the room 100% with weekly donations. We have used funds collected in our old (free) location to make advance payments for our room reservation, so we technically have a slight buffer. [Read more...]

New location in Shinjuku

As of September 2019, we meet in Shinjuku behind 高島屋. We have the location booked through the near the end of 2019 at least.

Brief group history

I have not updated this site recently, so thought I would capture this email I wrote in response to a press inquiry: ____, I am excited to hear of your article in Japanese! Here in Tokyo, we have just begun translating into Japanese one of Mankind Project’s introductory workshops. My name is Rob Nugen. I joined MKP in 1997 at the age of 27. It was during my initiation weekend that I realized I was a man. [Read more...]

Life Mission workshop success

The Mission Workshop was a great success tonight, with 8 men in attendance. We tapped in to our Little Boys Deepest needs, then visualized an ideal world with the needs met. Where everyone has had this deepest need met. What kind of world is it? _________, ___________, ____________. Then we went back to this ideal world and found ourselves living within it. Not only living, but interacting and behaving in new ways in this ideal world. [Read more...]

A Circle of Men - A Journey of the Heart

One day workshop for men To be held Friday November 23rd, 2018 in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, Japan (All in English with no translation) Are you a man… Willing to invest in his heart? Ready to risk a deeper look into his life? Eager to step into the fullness of who you really are? Ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with empowered men who risk the journey of transformation? If so, we may have an experience for you. [Read more...]

Co-gender circle meets on Mondays now

The co-gender circle will meet every Monday starting in February. Soon the men’s circle will meet every week as well, I am fairly certain.

More Meetings

We had a great meeting last night with seven men in the circle. This month has 5 Tuesdays, so normally we would skip the 5th Tuesday. This month we will have a meeting on the 5th Tuesday. Soon I imagine we will meet every Tuesday and have the co-gender group meet on a different day.

Emotional clearing example

Tonight the co-gender group had its first meeting after our initial 8 meetings. Two new people came and seemed keen enough that they will attend again. I did a process which helped people see the value of emotional clearing work: Feeling: anger at my wife because she buys crap she does not need Anger source: helpless, feeling sadness that consumerism is polluting earth Feel sadness where: actually not in my body, like it’s out in front of me, like I have lost touch with my groundedness How to regain groundedness: go climb a tree, reconnect with nature So to recap, my anger at my wife is really hiding sadness about my own disconnect from nature. [Read more...]