(posted by Takeshi on Facebook)

The men’s group is a safe place to discuss anything that is weighing on our hearts out minds. Anything that is said in the group remains in the group.

It’s not a social gathering; there’s no smoking, drinking, eating.. But we are a close knit group. Over time we get to know each other well, and this requires a commitment to the work.. this is really a commitment to yourself to improve yourself and become the man you are meant to be.

The group was founded by men in the Mankind Project (http://mkp.org) and draws heavily on that work. The circle is modeled after the work of Bill Kauth, who wrote Circle of Men.

This work is for every man who wants to look deeply at himself and how he engages the world around him. Each participants share deep feelings and look at the real challenge and issue of their lives.

It is a self help group, and totally free of charge. It is also free of any religious or political involvement. Meetings are take place every other Monday evenings 6-8pm(*) in central Tokyo (Nishi-Azabu).

(* ed note: Meetings are now 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings 7-9pm)