The Mission Workshop was a great success tonight, with 8 men in attendance. We tapped in to our Little Boys Deepest needs, then visualized an ideal world with the needs met. Where everyone has had this deepest need met. What kind of world is it? _________, ___________, ____________.

Then we went back to this ideal world and found ourselves living within it. Not only living, but interacting and behaving in new ways in this ideal world. We noticed we are actually creating the ideal world with our actions. Connected with our little boy, bringing action into create the perfect world where everyone’s need is met. What actions did you find yourself performing? _________, _________, _________.

You have found your Vision of an ideal world and your Action in this world. With this, we created Mission Statements.

I create a world of __________, __________, and ___________ by _________, _____________, and ______________.

For me, I create a world of love, safety, and connection by teaching, inviting, and sharing.

Using the visualization and format above, feel free to create a mission statement in this format and bring it to the next meeting. We will be using them more often in the circle.