I have not updated this site recently, so thought I would capture this email I wrote in response to a press inquiry:

____, I am excited to hear of your article in Japanese! Here in Tokyo, we have just begun translating into Japanese one of Mankind Project’s introductory workshops.

My name is Rob Nugen. I joined MKP in 1997 at the age of 27. It was during my initiation weekend that I realized I was a man. I had moved out of my parent’s house 8 years prior, but I still thought of myself as a boy (without realizing it).

I moved to Japan in 2003 and looked for Mankind Project, but there were no other MKP men here (that I could find). By 2007 or so, some men who had attended trainings outside Japan formed a circle in Tokyo, which I joined for a few years. We did not actively seek new men and the circle fizzled out by 2010 or so.

After getting married, I realized I needed the support of a men’s circle, so I restarted our circle in 2015. We were 3 MKP men, including Japanese psychiatrist Takeshi Tamura. In 2015, we began to invite new men into the circle, even if they had not attended the New Warrior Training Adventure.

We meet every Tuesday, in Takeshi’s office in Hiroo, Tokyo.
Register to join us online.

The meetings are in English for now, but the translation work I mentioned should be done within a month or two. I imagine we could present an introductory training in Japanese this year, but we have not yet talked about who could lead a Japanese language circle afterward.

I would be happy to speak with you, and we can likely set up a meeting with some of the other men in Tokyo, including Takeshi, as well as JSL (Japanese as a second language) speakers.

You can reach me here or via Skype, Facebook, Google.. My username is thunderrabbit on all three platforms.

best, Rob